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Just a Sloppy Overview of my Lion King Broadway Experience

Hello! First time posting!

I'm from India, but I live in Sin City. Exciting isn't it? (Being sarcastic.) The only good thing about living here is that you live by all the shows!

I saw The Lion King twice in Las Vegas- - but it's a cut version. Not too much is cut, however, just ''The Morning Report'', the chase scene on ''Chow Down'', and the longer instrumental on ''Can You Feel the Love Tonight?''

Other than that, it's pretty intact. But I still wanna see the original version on West End or Broadway in NYC because they always tend to do something different in each production, depending on the city's roots- - for instance, they always try to articulate the popular culture of that city within their production.

In the Las Vegas one here, instead of Timon's original line in the movie, ''What? You want me to dress in a drag and do the hula?'' he changed it to: ''What? You want me to dress in a drag and do the Charlatan?'' (i.e. the girls with the big feathers on top of their heads LOL) And Timon and Pumbaa's song was different. Instead of being the Hawaiian war dance from the movie, it was a familiar Las Vegas tune. It was hysterical! And you know the part when Zazu is a political prisoner of Scar and Scar asks him to ''sing something a little more... bouncy-!'' Zazu, instead of singing ''It's a Small World Afterall'' like the original trademark on Disney, he broke out into song: ''Viva Las Vegas!'' The audience was cracking up! LOL

And another thing, when Mufasa ''jokes'' about firing Zazu, Zazu's like: ''Sire, you can't possibly fire me! Not in this economy!'' (You know, to reflect on the bad economy right now- LOL; I'm sure it went WAAAAAY over kid's heads!)

Also, the first time I saw it there were minor malfunctions. Like, one of the palm trees behind Pumbaa on the Hakuna Matata scene wouldn't inflate all the way and Pumbaa was so cute because he just sneaked towards it, hoping he wouldn't be noticed, and looked to the audience for their support as if he were saying, ''Should I fix it?'' LOL his expression was priceless! And the trapdoor for when the hunk of meat is supposed to disappear before the Be Prepared number wasn't working and the hyenas made up a scene while Scar was delivering his soloquy to make it appear like they weren't trying to fix the trapdoor. They were pretendng to fight over the last bite and then the trapdoor finally worked.  The trapdoor (again) didn't seem t work after the hyenas killed Scar, because even after he disappeared, the trapdoor closed too late... it didn't close until the climax of Th King of Pride Rock. Other than that, the rest of the shpw went smoothly.

When I saw it the second time, however, some of the actors did some different stuff which was really cute! Like, Scar accidentally tripped before the stampede part. When Simba was pretending to play with his tail while he was walking over to the hedge that Simba sits on, Scar slid clear across the stage floor, but covered himself up by making a comical act out of it and screaming bloody murder. The kid who played Simba was snickering- it was so cute! It looked like he was going to die of laughter.

During the Be Prepared part, the guy who played Ed was so cute! When Banzai tells him to shut up and kicks him in the jaw, he faked a theatrical fall to the ground like how the Tin Man does in The Wizard of Oz. He was my favorite hyena!  And of course, during the part when all 27 hyenas are dancing, Scar was not only dancing and sowing off his sexy moves, but he was actually flirting with Shenzi when he thought no one was looking! The second time I saw it, he was flirting with an uneasy Banzai, which makes me question Scar's sexuality..

That's all for now. More later!
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