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The Lion King: [entries|friends|calendar]
The Lion King: The Musical

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Just a Sloppy Overview of my Lion King Broadway Experience [05 Oct 2009|03:09pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hello! First time posting!

I'm from India, but I live in Sin City. Exciting isn't it? (Being sarcastic.) The only good thing about living here is that you live by all the shows!

I saw The Lion King twice in Las Vegas- - but it's a cut version. Not too much is cut, however, just ''The Morning Report'', the chase scene on ''Chow Down'', and the longer instrumental on ''Can You Feel the Love Tonight?''

Other than that, it's pretty intact. But I still wanna see the original version on West End or Broadway in NYC because they always tend to do something different in each production, depending on the city's roots- - for instance, they always try to articulate the popular culture of that city within their production.

Be Prepared...Collapse )

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Hi [03 Oct 2006|11:30pm]

[ mood | excited ]

So, first time post, long time lurker.

Name's Great_wolf, but my friends call me Mo-Chan. I saw the Lion King musical in...er...*thinks, checks ticket stub*....2003, when my family went up to Kentucky to see it (I live in Tennessee, btw).

There is a club that I am a part of at my local community college (I won't mention any names) and they recently had their orientation to that club and they mentioned that they were going to see the Lion King on Sat. the 28th!


I told my best friend about it, and she died as well, apparently she's a fan too..and she's NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE!!!

The costumes are to DIE for, the puppetry is amazing and I think she'll have a good time at TPAC as much as I will..again!

So, yay! *happy bounce* I can't wait!

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London [23 Sep 2005|01:46pm]

Has anyone seen this show in London? I might be seeing it in November and just wanted opinions on how it was, where to sit, etc. This will be my very first time seeing anything like this so I'm very excited. I almost peed myself when I realized that one of the songs in the musical was one used in Simba's Pride (They Live in You). I love it! I absolutely LOVE The Lion King and saw the original movie hundreds of times. (In the cinema a few times, then I bought it and watched it every day for the longest.) It will be so awesome to see it done in such a refreshing way.
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Jason Raize.. [20 Apr 2005|08:13pm]

The Blog of Death is still going strong. Please, post your best memories.

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[27 Feb 2005|04:11pm]

[ mood | happy ]

hey all im new here. i've been a lion king fan since opening day in the movie theaters, but just recently i got a chance to see it on stage and OMG....wow. it was simply breathtaking. but heh you all know that already ;) anywhoo, just wanted to pop in and give a quick hello. goodbye now lol

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[21 Feb 2005|03:18pm]

I'm thinking of making a new bg picture...Danny is that cool?
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=[ [20 Feb 2005|08:37pm]

[ mood | sad ]

The Lion King is officially over with Boston, MA.

So many memories are gone [two times seeing the show!]. What I would have gave to see it this afternoon.

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Hii!!! *waves* [15 Feb 2005|09:57pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hi everybody! Just joined. I'm Chelsea and I just saw The Lion King and 3 weeks ago. THE BEST EXPERINCE OF MY LIFE!! It was amazing! I was crying through the whole first scene I loved it so much. Everything about it completley blew me away. So Good! I want to see it again!
Uhh.. Some things about me...well I'm thirteen and I love theater and everything about it. I love disney and disney princesses. I love all things that have to do with love hehe. Uhh.. I think thats enough lol

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[05 Feb 2005|08:45pm]

Hello everybody. I saw The Lion King over TWO years ago, and I must say that I loved it, a lot! It has the best scenery and costumes of any other show I have seen. The soundtrack is fun to listen to, although I don't speak any dialect of African. For Christmas, i revieced the music for the flute, and although I never practive my flute, its fun to read the music for it. I am really interested in Broadway and have seen 13 shows to date. The Lion King was my 4th show.
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Lay-out [23 Jan 2005|09:36am]


I made a new lay-out for this community. I hope you enjoy it. Also, I am very glad to see that many people enjoyed the show. It leaves Boston, MA in less than a month, and me and some friends are trying to make it down soon to see it. I hope you all see it again. Also, I hope many people join.

The Mod,
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Bwah. [13 Jan 2005|06:42pm]

Gonna go see TLKoB in Baltimore.  Twice.  I got Orchestra seats for the 7/5/05 show, while Balcony seats with my mom for August 8th.

I rock.  Yes.  Yes I do.
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The Lion King in Seattle [01 Dec 2004|03:43pm]


I just saw the premier of the Lion King musical in Seattle (at the Paramount Theatre) last night...and it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.  The Lion King (the film, the philosophy, the music, the whole thing...) has been a huge part of my life since I first saw the movie 10 years ago (I can't believe it's been that long), and I've been dreaming to see the Broadway production for years.

I had Julie Taymor's book about the show, so I had an idea of what to expect and knew how unique the costumes and production would be, but I didn't understand how incredible it was until I finally got to actually see it.  The friend who I went with said it was a "life-changing experience," and she's not even a die-hard TLK fan.

The Circle of Life scene at the beginning was amazing - I especially liked how they had the animals coming from the aisles onto the stage, so it seemed like the whole audience was a part of the show.  Rafiki's performance was especially impressive...I also loved the Shadowland and Endless Night sequences.  I thought it was really interesting that some extra storyline was included (i.e. the more in-depth look into Scar's psychology, his attempt at making Nala his queen, Nala's explanation of leaving [which I thought was a beautiful touch, since it made it so that both Simba and Nala were on 'spiritual' journeys]).

The whole show was absolutely amazing, so I won't bother critiquing it bit by bit.  But I <i>have</i> to see it again. :)  The Lion King is truly a way of life.

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I SAW IT AGAIN!! [11 Nov 2004|11:34am]

wow. last night i saw the lion king (again) at the opera house in boston. i just wanna say, IT WAS AMAZING!!

got to the theatre to find there were three understudies:
- nala
- pumbba
- zazu
i really liked the three i saw before, but i was glad to see new people. they were all incredible.
nala was the best. her vocals were awesome and her "shadowland" and "can you feel the love tonight" were perfect. almost a good, if not better, than the OBCR.
the pumbba was great. i like the other one better, but this one seemed to be a little more into the show.
the zazu was the perfect understudy, and fit the category of understudy. his singing was a little weak, but his lines were AWESOME!!
there was a new simba: wallace smith. he was perfect, his "endless night" was better than the OBCR's. and his was just perfect.
then there was the rest of the cast i saw:
- scar was amazing, and he fit the role perfectly.
- mufasa was the same as before: great singing but a little choppy on lines.
- shenzi, banzi and ed were AWESOME!! i loved the first two, and ed kept on making me and dana crack up!!
- the ensamble: great vocals!! i was so moved and impressed.

i wanna see it again before it leaves... someone take me!!
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New here :-) [28 Aug 2004|04:02pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Hi! I'm new to this community but not to the Lion King fandom. I've been a fan of the movie since it came out. I was there opening night. :-p I saw the show on Broadway back in 2000. I loved it! I was crying before it even started. XD My sister had bruises on her arm from where I'd get excited over something and "tap" her. :-p So that's it... I really want to see it again... the tour's supposed to be coming through here next June. I'll be there every night! :-D

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Hi Hi HI [23 Aug 2004|05:37pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Ok I joined this a couple of days ago just I never posted...ok
Hi I'm Janis
I'm 14.8 years old...ohh yeah!
I'm going to see the show labor day...

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Newbie [22 Aug 2004|08:45pm]

Hey everyone.

Im Jill
Im 14.5
I have gorgoues brown eyes
I live in Derry NH

I havent seen the Lion King yet..but i hear it is awesome..im seeing it in december..SO FAR AWAY!
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[21 Aug 2004|02:11pm]

I'm Emily.
I'm also 15.
I'm also from NH.

I've seen Lion King 3 times in NYC. Each time it gets better and better. The new songs are amazing, so much better than the movie. The set is small, yet amazing what they can do with it. And the voices of the actors never seem to not amaze me. The show is awesome.. after you've seen it in Boston.. make sure you see it in NYC!

<3 em
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i saw it!! [21 Aug 2004|11:09am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

greetings and welcome to this new community for fans of the musical: THE LION KING. i am danny, your host and i hope you all join and love this community as you love the show.

i am danny.
15 yrs old.
from NH.
i saw the lion king last night in boston, ma.

i just saw the lion king last night. i am still amazed. that was the best musical i've ever seen. the voices were incredible, and even the young simba and young nala had awesome voices. the choreography was "wow!!" and the costumes were the best costumes anyone could ever think of, i am still in shock. the set was simple, yet perfect. the lighting made the set amazing and the special effects, too. the acting was awesome. i wore my glasses and it seem so unreal. i can't wait to see it again in november!! you should all see THE LION KING at THE OPERA HOUSE in BOSTON.

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