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So, first time post, long time lurker.

Name's Great_wolf, but my friends call me Mo-Chan. I saw the Lion King musical in...er...*thinks, checks ticket stub*....2003, when my family went up to Kentucky to see it (I live in Tennessee, btw).

There is a club that I am a part of at my local community college (I won't mention any names) and they recently had their orientation to that club and they mentioned that they were going to see the Lion King on Sat. the 28th!


I told my best friend about it, and she died as well, apparently she's a fan too..and she's NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE!!!

The costumes are to DIE for, the puppetry is amazing and I think she'll have a good time at TPAC as much as I will..again!

So, yay! *happy bounce* I can't wait!
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