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i saw it!!

greetings and welcome to this new community for fans of the musical: THE LION KING. i am danny, your host and i hope you all join and love this community as you love the show.

i am danny.
15 yrs old.
from NH.
i saw the lion king last night in boston, ma.

i just saw the lion king last night. i am still amazed. that was the best musical i've ever seen. the voices were incredible, and even the young simba and young nala had awesome voices. the choreography was "wow!!" and the costumes were the best costumes anyone could ever think of, i am still in shock. the set was simple, yet perfect. the lighting made the set amazing and the special effects, too. the acting was awesome. i wore my glasses and it seem so unreal. i can't wait to see it again in november!! you should all see THE LION KING at THE OPERA HOUSE in BOSTON.

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